Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sneak Preview of New Animation!

Here are a couple of screenshots from my new animation project. As you can see it features an old woman........................ mysterious. 

What will it be about? Who is the woman? Why is the woman in bed? Why is she alone? Why is she old? Why is she sad? Is it because she's old? All will be revealed....

As you can tell from these pictures, I'm drawing it in 16:9 letterbox ratio... partially just for a change, partially to make it look more profesh, and partially because a wider frame is interesting for animation and adds a few different possibilities in terms of organising the image and the framing.

More to come soon! If all goes to plan, the centrepiece of this will be the score, which I unfortunately can't preview because in segments it would sound stupid.


  1. HI Glad to see that all my banging on in year 7 and 8 about film ratio size has finally sunk in!
    Congrats on some amazing work S so far and I look forward to seeing you as an exciting film maker to watch. KLO

  2. Hi!! Thanks for having a look, maybe I'll see you soon :)